Funding Your Franchise Investment

    There are many options available for you to fund your franchise investment, including Pillar Banks.

    Pillar Banks

    Banks have experience in funding franchises, with up to 70% funding available.

    How much is the investment?

    Depending on which territory you choose the investment ranges from £26,000 to £45,000. Royalties are 7% of your gross annual income.

    Your investment includes

    6 Days comprehensive training

    Exclusive protected territory

    Continuous development of programmes

    Access to thousands of science experiments and a countless number of workshops

    Ongoing business support from our team in training/operations/


    Your own Nutty Scientists website

    Your own Nutty Scientists email addresses

    Your own Nutty Scientists business Facebook/Instagram/

    LinkedIn page

    Design of localised marketing material for all income streams

    Open communication with other Nutty Scientists franchisees via our intranet and email to share experiences and advice.