A Nutty Scientists Home Based franchisee provides their services to a wide range of
    customers throughout their protected territory. Potential
    customers include, but are not limited to; parents, Pre Schools, Primary Schools,
    Secondary Schools, Local Authorities, Corporations, Institutions, Hotels, Theatres,
    Libraries, Community Groups and more.

    Franchisees will employ instructors to deliver their programmes, allowing them to focus on operating and growing their business. The Nutty Scientists support team provide assistance through all stages of the recruitment process.

    Nutty Scientists franchisees will operate their activities from venues located throughout each of their protected territories allowing them to reach the widest possible audience.

    The type of venues that are available are:

    • Primary Schools
    • Community Centres
    • Sports Complexes
    • Children’s Activity Centres
    • Family Attraction Centres
    • Enterprise Centres

    Franchisee materials are easily transportable, meaning everything needed to conduct the many services in schools, libraries or in local community venues can be easily fit into a family car. This enables franchisees to trade immediately and to operate a mobile business with minimal overheads.

    The Nutty Lab

    As your business grows and you have gained an excellent understanding of your territory, you will than have the option to find a permanent location to deliver your services.

    Creativity Centre.

    It offers franchisees the ability to provide all of the services of a home-based opportunity as well as a place to call their own. The location will become a community hub where children of all ages can come to learn scientific concepts in a playful, fun, yet structured atmosphere.

    The Nutty Scientists Lab will cater for a wide variety of events including:

    • Birthday Parties
    • School Tours
    • Camps
    • After-schools Clubs
    • Corporate Events
    • Scout Groups
    • Shows

    The Nutty Scientists Lab must be located in an area of high footfall, preferably near other children and family focused providers.

    Revenue Streams

    Whether you are operating a mobile business or a Nutty Lab Nutty Scientists franchisees have multiple revenue streams available to them. With a full calendar of events planned throughout the year, Nutty Scientists has developed award winning programmes for children, adults, businesses, local authorities, schools and much more.

    Birthday Parties

    Nutty Scientists offers scientific shows or workshops as an entertainment service for parties and celebrations. The combination of fun, theatre and education make these shows an unforgettable experience for all children.

    After School Classes

    Nutty Scientists After School Programmes are available to schools and
    associations. These popular hands-on activities offer a great learning value and
    encourage the active participation of children


    Nutty Scientists Camps are an innovative form of “edutainment” (entertainment +
    education). Combining fun with learning, each camp contains an educational theme that keeps children engaged from day to day.

    In-School Workshops

    Nutty Scientists in-school workshops are aligned to the UK school curriculum to enhance the cohesiveness of students’ STEAM education.

    School Tours

    Educational school tours can take place in your Nutty Lab throughout the year.

    Awareness Campaigns

    For many years Nutty Scientists has been developing and designing campaigns that focus on bringing awareness to important health and environmental issues. We have created campaigns for classrooms, companies and government bodies alike.

    Festival Entertainment

    Nutty Scientists offers the opportunity to delight families with highly entertaining shows and workshops of a scientific nature in any fun festival.

    Virtual Programmes

    In Nutty Scientists Virtual Programmes children have lots of fun at home. Either receiving their own materials kit or using items around the house to implement the programme.

    Corporate Workshops

    Engaging and inclusive workshops designed for the corporate environment for both adults and children.

    Library Workshops

    Work with all libraries across your territory providing the in demand STEAM programmes.

    How Nutty Scientists Works
    Nutty Scientists Lab